Monday, August 16, 2010

Reflective Final Blog Post EDUC 6713

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As the course draws to a close, I have reflected on the strategies for guiding students to be self-directed learners. Reflecting on the Game plan that was developed in this class will allow me to set goals that will address the needs of the diverse learners. When lesson plans are created, technology will be integrated into the content area to meet the needs of all students. The Game plan provided me with a direction for the integration of technology into the classroom which provides flexibility in learning content area material (Ross, 2009).

In the fall, I will implement the Game plan lesson template when creating content area lessons and integrating technology. Through the use of the Game plan, I have learned the importance of engaging students in content area concepts that implementing digital tools such as social networking, digital storytelling and problem-based learning. As John Ross (2009) summed up in the course DVD, technology reaches students who may need additional support to ensure academic success.

When implementing my Game plan in the classroom instruction and assessment needs to be customized to meet the needs of the students. The impact my new learning will have on my instructional practice is to have my students include digital storytelling, problem-based learning and online collaboration as they engage in discovering answers to questions they create in response to content material problems. Students will be encouraged to learn and follow the Game plan to promote self-directed learning as I model the Game plan format in the classroom.

The immediate adjustment that I will make as a result of this course is to engage my students in a collaborative project. I will begin having my students use wikis to collaborate with other students about course content. Students will be involved in collaborating with other students through E-pals. The contents of this course have inspired me to connect with other colleagues who incorporate technology into the classroom and continue to learn from them. The strategies from the course will promote self-directed learning and critical thinking. Integrating technology will enhance my diverse learners to enrich their content-based learning experiences.

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