Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Development of Personal Game Plan Week 2

Personal Game Plan Goals
In order to provide 21st century learners with a solid foundation in curriculum concepts, a Game Plan must be developed to insure progress in supporting all learners. As Cennamo, Ross and Ertmer discuss in chapter one of the course text, developing a Game Plan requires individuals to think about and plan a learning path that will lead to integrating technology into the curriculum.
After reviewing the NETS-T, I am initiating the first phase of developing my Game Plan. The plan includes:

Goal 1: Further develop Goal 1 in the NETS-T by supporting creative and innovative thinking. Support students in exploring real-world issues through authentic problem solving using digital tools and resources. Promote collaboration and reflection while clarifying the students’ understanding of concepts in face-to-face and virtual environments. As Cennamo et al. discuss in chapter three of the course text, digital tools support student learning by creating opportunity for authentic experiences as well as increasing motivation. By strengthening my ability to create authentic learning situations and increasing motivation in content areas I would be supporting the learning of the 21 century learner.

Goal 2: Further develop Goal 2 in the NETS-T by developing digital-age learning experiences and assessments for students.
(Information retrieved from: International Society for Technology in Education )

Actions: Prior to any actions taken, a review of the district's acceptable use of technology plan will be needed. After this has been done, actions that need to be taken to achieve these goals include:

Goal 1: Further broaden my understanding of digital tools that are applicable for elementary students in the content areas. Engage in tasks that require technological tools to solve authentic problems in the content areas. Incorporate the use of digital tools, enhance learning and meet the needs of diverse learners. My goal is to implement at the minimum 1-2 technology tools into the content area per month.

Goal 2: Integrate technology into grade-level content expectations when applicable to produce an environment that enriched with learning and experiences. Develop scaffold that will support all learners in this technology enriched environment. Develop formative and summative assessments , which include technology-based resources, that evaluate learning in a this environment.

Monitor: A survey of students and colleagues would allow the statistical monitoring of engagement and enthusiasm as technology is incorporated into the classroom. I plan to keep a professional journal to reflect on progress toward the goal of adding new technological tools into the curriculum and the their success. As Cennamo et al. discuss in chapter one of the course text, that a reflective journal is an evaluative component of self-directed learning.

Evaluate: Observing the attitudes of my special education students when engaging in tasks using technological tools as a way to develop understanding of the curriculum concepts will be a way to evaluate progress toward goals. Results from formative and summative evaluations will allow me to evaluate the students understanding of content information where technology has been integrated. I will use feedback from parents, staff administration and students to help me monitor and evaluate professional growth in my Game Plan.
Cennamo, K., Ross, J. & Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use: A Standards-Based Approach. (Laureate Education, Inc., Custom ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.


  1. Michele-

    What digital tools are you already using in your classroom and life? I have found that my personal use has tremendously increased my use in the classroom. As I do things with my daughter I see the possibilities in my classroom. For instance, my daughter wanted to make a movie last summer so we storyboarded the movie, got our set ready (the backyard), filmed our scenes with our digital video camera, downloaded the video on my computer, used iMovie to edit and produce the video, and we had a family movie night to debut her new movie. Since that time I have been meditating on where and how to do this in my classroom. My daughter was so invigorated and challenged by learning how to bring her ideas to life on video. Just curious where you are coming from?

  2. Hi Margaret
    Last year I wrote a grant for Flip recorders which students are using to improve reading fluency. However, the sound quality is poor and speakers need to be put on current computers in order for students to hear themselves read. Working with Title 1, we have incorporated Microsoft Photo Story 3 with 3rd and 4th graders to create summaries of a book they read in class. I use kidspiration to support students in writing.

    I have learned so much from the courses at Walden however, when implementing technology with students there are many times sites are blocked or there is not enough security on the site for elementary students.

    It is funny that students seem to instinctively figure out how to use technology with little explanation.
    Thanks for the question and comments

  3. Michele,

    I was wondering if you would have enough digital tools for your classroom. Do you feel that this might be a problem, or do you tend to get the tools that you need when you need them?


  4. Michele,

    Your idea of checking with the district acceptable use is a good one. I totally overlook this step sometimes. I need to start doing a better job of making sure my activities are acceptable. I am pretty sure they are but I do not want to assume. Have you ever ran into any major problems with the district because of the tools you are using?

  5. Michele-
    This is a good start. I agree with Chris, I think it is a awesome idea to start with looking over the districts policy. What means are you going to use to find new technology tools? Are you going to attend any professional developments? Any good websites that you have used in the past to learn about these tools?
    Great plan and best of luck.

  6. Hello Everyone-
    The means that I will go about to implement technology is trying to attend pd and joining local school related tech groups. I current belong to MCAUL which a Michigan group that address technology in the school setting. I also subscribe to Tech & Learning which sent July's issue with some great educational tech. grants for the year. Another way I am going to develop my resources in technology is to create a social bookmark that contains sites that were featured in our past classes and subscribe to blogs that feature educational technology. One blog that frequently sends out posts is free technology for teachers.

    To address the need for having enough pieces of technology, I have written some grants to gain access to technology for school. I teach special education so my role is to support students in the general education setting. The intermediate school district in my county has a lending policy where you can check out items to use for a period of time. In the fall I am writing a grant to purchase a scanner so I will be able to post class notes to a site for any 4th or 5th grade student in my building.

    Thanks for all of the great questions

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