Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 5 Blog

Social learning theories are essentially creating an environment where students can work cooperatively toward a common goal. The knowledge gained from this experience is extremely meaningful. Students interact with each other to construct meaning by incorporating the knowledge of individuals that are working in their group. As education changes, students must be prepared to work cooperatively using social networking tools and collaboration tools to gain meaning from information.

Some of the strategies discussed in the course text are examples of technology that can be used to cooperatively interact with individuals without taking one’s geographical location into account. The first instructional strategy that allows students to work cooperatively is through using multimedia to create an artifact that is reflective of knowledge student’s achieved. Students can work collaboratively to create a video that encompasses many elements from the content area that are specified by the teacher. Since there are many roles in constructing a video as an artifact, students can participate in a cooperative group.

The next strategy that can be used in a cooperative setting and is reflective of the social learning theory is the use of web resources. These resources allow students to work toward ascertaining information and testing hypothesis for their projects in a virtual setting. Students can use web based interactions to consult experts in their field of expertise and experience a deeper level of understanding.

The final strategy allows students can work as a team with technology and create a web site. Students can work collaboratively to develop web sites that are reflective of information gained through data collection. Websites can be used to illustrate theories based on research from the cooperative group. These strategies will enable students to gain real world experience by using technology to work collaboratively toward a common goal.

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  1. Michele,

    I agree that the experiences students are learning in school through cooperative learning can be very meaningful to them. They are also obtaining skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. The strategies that you gave for students to work together are very good. I have no doubt that they are learning life long skills with real world experiences.

    Have a good week,