Wednesday, November 25, 2009

21st Century Teaching

When I first investigated the 21st century website I thought it was a well designed movement that partners up business and education into a solid force. I was a bit disheartened to discover that there are not many states who participate in this initiative. The skill set was clearly defined as to what students need to be 21st century learners. One state missing for me was Michigan which led me on my journey to see what type of technology standards my state possess. All I could find from website was a link to what 21st century teachers should know and this can be found at .Needless to say I was not overly impressed compared to what I read on the 21st century website.

I was particularly impressed with the companies that have partnered with education to join forces in this effort. Many of these companies are the same companies that supply technology or aid in the technological advancements in the world of education. I did not disagree with anything that I saw on the site at this time. I am fairly new to digesting the concepts of 21st century education and the components that it encompasses.

It is apparent to me that based on the content of the 21st century partnership movement my support of students should encompass a more collaborative approach that utilizes problem solving skills and encourages creative and innovative thinking at all levels. My students will need to take ownership of their learning and work in conjunction with me as an educator to progress in their journey of becoming a life long learner.

I have also posted a video that I think appropriately addresses our roles as educators. I found it concise and enjoyable.


  1. I find it very interesting that there are states that haven't joined the Partnership,especially one like Michigan that needs to prepare its people for a rapidly changing economy.

  2. Michelle,
    I too thought it was a little disappointing that more states are not involved including my state of Ohio. It made me curious as to why.

    I never thought of looking up the technology standards for my state but it is something I will be doing. I will then see how they compare to the Partnership for 21st century and what they have set up.